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Remixtape is the modern SaaS boilerplate with everything you need to build better websites with Remix.


Bring your own DB with the best-in-class Node.js and TypeScript ORM Prisma.


Securely authenticate your users with social login or with their email and password without compromising on security using the state-of-the-art password hashing algorithm Argon2id.


Restrict access to parts of your app with fine-grained permissions and user roles.


Your codebase is ready for teams out of the box. Admin users can invite teammates to their organization with is own billing management and invitation workflow.


Subscription payments are powered by Stripe Checkout. You get everything you need to manage a team's subscription, including webhooks handlers and customer portal.

Self-serve account management

The following user flows are already implemented for you so users can manage their own account without having to email you:

  • Registration
  • Password reset
  • Account deletion
  • Subscription cancellation
  • Email and password modification

DX niceties

Because small things do matter.

  • Pretty logging
  • Email previews
  • Fully typed input validation
  • Easy SEO meta & link tags
  • Automatic code formatting and linting
  • Background and scheduled jobs processing
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No refunds

Due to the nature of the software being non-returnable; all sales are final. Once you have gained access to the code repository, we are unable to offer refunds. By making a purchase, you agree to these terms.

Upon successful payment, you will receive a license key to redeem access to the code repository so please ensure that the email address you provide during the purchase process is accurate.

Last updated May 29, 2023

You'll get access to the Remixtape code repository and your license.

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